1. Organizers and recipients

Reachtail AB, with a CO NR 559067-7612, and address Strandvägen 47, Post Code 14456, Stockholm, from now on referred like Reachtail, is going to do a Giveaway named Giveaway Reachtail. 

This giveaway is aimed to every physical person, older than 18 years old, being a customer or not of Reachtail with a physical residence in any country where Reachtail doesn’t have any competition to sell it ́s services. 

2. What do you have to do to participate?

  1. Follow @reachtail

  2. Follow

  3. Tag a friend

  4. Finish the sentence "If I were to win this speaker I would ..." in the comments

All of the Reachtail customers or physical people, that meet all of the requirements that we mentioned before are going to be able to participate. 

Any BOT or suspicious account that we see that only participate in contests is going to be disqualified. All of the recipients that have more than one account/profile, are going to be able to select just 1 prize in case they win. 

You can participate as much as you want, but you can't repeat the person that you mention in more than one comment. 

3. Participation date (validity)

The giveaway is open from Friday, August 09, 2019 until Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 23.59. 

4. Prize

Between the different recipients of the Giveaway of Reachtail, we will draw:

  • 1 Oaxis Bento speaker. The winner will have the option to come pick up the prize at any of our offices or have the prize mailed to them.

In order to ask for the Reachtail’s prize, the winner will have to send an email to with all of your details, including name and surname, address, phone number and email informing how would you like us to send you the prize. The winner has up to 1 month to coordinate with the way on how to send you the prize. 

The value of the prize is less than 300€, so there is no tax retention to be applied. 

5. Selection of the winners

Between all of the contestants that accurately completed all of the steps for the giveaway, Reachtail will select a winner based on the most inspiring/creative option. 

If the winner does not want the prize, or we have disqualified him or her for any of the reasons related to the ones stated in this legal bases, we will select a new winner.

6. Communication of the prize to the winners

The winner will be announced through an Instagram story posted by ReachTail (@ReachTail) on Wednesday, August 13, 2019. 

7. Data protection

The details of the recipients are going to be treated by ReachTail AB (from now on “Reachtail”), CO NR 559067-7612, and address Strandvägen 47, Post Code 14456, Stockholm, with the purpose of processing and managing the participation of the giveaway that we are referring to, the developing of it and the delivery of the prizes. The information of the recipient is going to be conserved by Reachtail with that purpose during the management of the giveaway and, after that, during the time demanded by the applicable legislation and until the eventual responsibilities related with the giveaway prescribe. 

Likewise, the recipients data that is going to be used by Reachtail is based on the consent that is requested and that the customer can withdraw anytime. However, if you withdraw your consent, this will not affect the lawfulness of the treatments carried out previously. The consent obtained for the mentioned purposes are independent so the recipient is going to be able to cancel one of them not affecting the others. 

In case the recipients provides data from third parties, they manifest to have the consent of them and they compromise to transfer the information that is contained on this clause, exempting ReachTail from any responsibility related with this. However, ReachTail is going to be able to make any periodic verifications to make sure this fact, adopting the diligence measures that corresponds, according to data protection regulations. 

The data asked to the recipients are a general character, obligatory (unless that in the step required we specify something different) in order to follow the established purposes. Therefore, if people don’t facilitate them or are not correct, you can ́t be part of the giveaway. 

The data of the recipients is going to be communicated to: 

  • The Public Administrations and competent authorities in the cases foreseen by the Law. 

  • The banks and financial entities for the collection of the prizes 

  • Other companies participating on the giveaway or the group of companies that ReachTail is part in order to use this information for commercial communications, including electronic media, about products or services that can be related with the technology area. 

The recipient can send us a text to Reachtail AB, Strandvägen 47, Post Code 14456,  of Stockholm, uploading a photocopy of their identity document, at any time and being free, in order to: 

  • Revoke the consents granted.

  • Obtain confirmation about if in ReachTail are treating personal data that is related with the recipient or not. 

  • To access to your personal details. 

  • Rectify the inaccurate or incomplete data. 

  • Request the suppression of your data when, among other reasons, the data is not necessary for the purposes that were collected. 

  • Obtain from ReachTail the limitation of the treatment of the data when any of the expected conditions related with the data protection regulations are met.

  • Request the portability of your data. 

  • Contact ReachTail’s Data Protection Delegate at the following address:

8. Transfer of the rights of the winning people

ReachTail reserves the option of reproducing, using and disseminating the name, surname and address and, where appropriate, photograph of the winners in any advertising and/or promotional activity that is related to this promotion, in any media (including with enunciative character, non-limiting, exploitation through written press, TV, Internet, Organizer ́s web pages, Facebook profiles, etc.) without giving any remuneration or benefit apart from giving the prize to the winner in accordance with this bases. This authorization will last for a maximum period of 3 years. 

9. Acceptance
The recipients of the giveaway accept the bases of it because they are participating, ReachTail reserves the right to postpone, suspend or cancel the giveaway for extraordinary reasons.